Despite knowing with one hundred percent certainty that every so-called "magician" on the internet is actually a turbo faker, I'm still here making digital, internet-accessible resources for "magicians". Why? I don't know. I really don't fucking know. Maybe its my responsibility to, as the only real magician. Or maybe there is a shrivelled, pathetic part of me that, in the face of it all, is still desperately clinging to the hopeless idea that there's other people like me out there. That I'm not just some freak or ancient relic doomed to be completely and ultimately alone, miserable and misunderstood for the rest of my horrible life.

If you're a user start at the Magic 101 section. If I could I would make a section even more basic then that, called Magic for retards who's self perpetuating incestous web ring of paternal heritage hasn't left a single intelligent gene in their body. But as it stands, teaching you neanderthals basic developmental motor functions is not my job, and really in your case we should just quit while we're ahead. TLDR: just start from Magic 101.

And yes, magic is real. You can post screenshots of this site to a certain message board site and laugh about it with your waste of air buddies, doesn't change the fact that magic is fucking real and you're all just pieces of shit who have beef with a literal fifteen year old.