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a fucking horrible motherfucker from hell

If you know me in real life, FUCK. OFF.

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Okay, now that that's out of the way, you can call me ZEUS. Obviously it's not my real name. I trust you're unretarded enough to know what most of the buttons on the left mean. Make yourself at home and all that shit.

In the guides section you'll find a bunch of stuff I've written relating to understanding magic. I'm still working on grouping some of the guides into a PDF together so they can be shared around properly, as well as ripping some of my sources so that I don't have to keep citing myself in arguments. For now this site is the only place you can gain a proper understanding of magic, since I'm the only one who knows how to and actually bothers to do this shit.


Q: Magic isn't real.

A: First of all, kill yourself. What a worthless observation, not even a true one at that. And also not even a question. Second of all, congratulations, you've successfully proven that this website is NOT for you! If you don't believe in magic, there is no reason for you to be on a website about magic. Now go do something else! Seriously! Fuck off!

Q: When are you gonna fix this button/link/etc?

A: Kill yourself.


About me: I'm 15 and male. I like music, and I can rap, sing and play guitar, bass, and keyboard. I do some pretty high end magic, like translocation, dimension warping (portals if you want to be boring) and levitation but mostly I like to tinker with battle worlds and magic theory. Currently I'm reading through Goodwine's work on Astral Projection from the mid 12th century because it turns out he's not actually full of shit like I thought he was.